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Kroon Airfield

Kroon Airfield has excellent facilities with secure and affordable hangarage equipped with state of the art alarm systems and cameras. The airfield has a weather station and the 750 meter grass runway 11/29 is well maintained. The airfield host both the Flying club and Flight School in a beautiful thatch roof clubhouse with kitchen, braai, bar, shower and toilet facilities. The tranquil atmosphere is perfect for hosting of air events, fly-inns and any other private functions or team building sessions.

Our landing strip is 750m, excellent grass strip. Just to the South of the N4 highway to Rustenburg.
RW 11/29 (RW29 now have NO overhead power lines.)
The circuit is always to the North of the Runway, Lefthand for 11 and Righthand for 29
Freq: 124.8 (although we are South of the N4 Highway, our Circuit is to the North)
Circuit Alt: 4700ft for Trikes and 4900 for fix wings
Airfield Alt: 4330ft
Lats: 25°39’33.90″S
Longs: 28°00’00.00″E